Thanks for taking the time to visit my page.  I am a Minnesota native raised in the Mankato area, which seemed full of arts and culture growing up, leading to an interest and a draw to be creative.  Early attempts at traditional art and technique felt more discouraging than accomplished so I just didn’t pursue it.  I focused my creative feelings toward music. It led to over 20 years of playing an instrument and over a decade of broadcasting on a local FM station. I have also enjoyed photography for many years as a hobby and occasionally contributed writing and photos to a local zine I helped to print and distribute. The main goal in photography for me is really just to produce images that are interesting and thought provoking.  Check out Save the Crumbs or The Five Count to learn more about the zine or my radio career.

Although music and photography remained a fulfilling creative outlet, I was still thinking of painting for many years.  Finally in June of 2013 I decided to give it a shot.  I realized somehow that painting doesn’t have to resemble anything.  In fact the more it became unrecognizable the more interested I became.  The use of color, texture and movement was my focus and has continued to be.  Much like my instrument playing, I strive for emotional expression in the moment and letting things come out rather than trying to make things happen.  This way of creating continues to produce new interesting techniques and results in ways that I could never have predetermined.  Painting has become something I really love doing and I am excited to share my journey in art.

All of my work is for sale unless listed as sold.  If you are interested in purchasing or helping to show my work at an upcoming exhibit please email me at